Komatsu Seisakusho Co., LTD.

Construction machinery, agricultural machinery, heavy machinery, medical machinery, and products for earthquake resistant construction.
Joint development with major companies.

Infrastructure Environment Maintenance Business

We are helping to build
“New Infrastructure”
that wraps gently around people and their lifestyles.

Diversification, globalization, and information technology have progressed rapidly in society and industry in Japan, and infrastructure development that corresponds to our structural changes has been hastened.
Komatsu provides concrete forms to help in business projects, from urban infrastructure such as road, railway, water and sewerage construction, and energy information technology, to the creation of rich living environments through residential land development and park maintenance, and maintenance of sea and river walls.
At the same time, we measure the harmony with the natural environment and continue to make efforts for the realization of a “truly rich life”.

Infrastructure Environment Maintenance Business

Utility corridor, U-type form with 4-side slide method

Utility corridor, U-type form with 4-side slide method

Electricity / Communication

Utility corridor C.C.BOX (Community Communication Box)
For the creation of optical fiber networks to support the information society of the 21st century.