Komatsu Seisakusho Co., LTD.

Construction machinery, agricultural machinery, heavy machinery, medical machinery, and products for earthquake resistant construction.
Joint development with major manufacturers.

Company Principles

Message from the representative director

Hiroyasu Komatsu


Hiroyasu Komatsu

Hiroyasu Komatsu

Since our founding in 1938, we have been manufacturing construction, agricultural and industrial machinery parts, and designing and manufacturing forms for secondary concrete products. Furthermore, we have made great efforts in the development and commercialization of our own products such as concrete pole crushers and hydroponic gardening equipment for home use. In recent years, with the cooperation of our customers, we have worked in the medical, environmental, and energy-saving fields, and have achieved steady results.

Our company embraces the idea that “A company is its people.” While change and innovation are required, we raise added value by improving each staff’s skills, by planning the advancement and the efficiency of our consistent production system, and we provide products and service that satisfy our customers.

We will continue growing ourselves in line with our customers’ developments, and try to be a company that contributes to the local community. Your support and encouragement are deeply appreciated.

The significance of Komatsu’s existence

The significance of Komatsu’s existence

Placing great importance on customers
Providing high-quality goods at reasonable prices to customers, and serving as a technical partner for the development of their businesses
Becoming partners of new customers
Making use of our technology and facilities, and contributing by helping new customers to develop their businesses
Toward future development
Positively taking up challenges for new industry and business, and existing to contribute to the local community

Policies of Komatsu

People are the basis of our business, and our products are made with sincerity. These represent the policies of Komatsu.

Our unique sensitivity and ideas enable development design, and the skills and experience of our craftspeople enable detailed work.
But above all, in creating the future together with customers, while co-existing with nature, we aspire toward a rich sense of humanity
There is always a human hand behind high technology and quality.

All employees acquire technical qualifications.

Basic Work Practices 1 – Possession of reliable techniques and maintaining steady diligence.

All company employees acquire technical qualifications and aim to provide customers with satisfactory products that we have confidence in.

Well-equipped working environment

Basic Work Practices 2 – Accuracy and safety.

Through 5S activities, we work on organization and safety to create and maintain an ideal work environment.

Providing reliable quality

Basic Work Practices 3 – Provide reliable quality.

We have obtained ISO9001. We always examine the fundamentals of making products, and systematically develop elaboration, checks, and quality management.

A challenging mind since inauguration

Since our founding as a business, our basic posture is “to take on new challenges”. In addition to existing business, which mainly concerns construction machinery parts, we pour our efforts into the environment, energy-saving, the field of health, and medical care. Also, we are passionate in the development of new products with the aim of making things to help the world.