Komatsu Seisakusho Co., LTD.

Manufacture of construction machinery, agricultural machinery, heavy machinery, medical machinery, building and transport machinery parts.
Design development of labor saving products and joint development by open innovation.

Consistent system / Equipment / Qualifications

Production equipment / techniques to produce high-quality, precise products.

Consistent production from receiving an order to delivery of the goods


Main production equipment(Unit: mm)

  • Laser Process Machine (TRUMPF TruLaser3030fiber)
    Output: 4KW 3050×1525, Soft steel: up to 25mm(thickness)
  • CNC Down-type Press Brake
    CNC Down-type Press Brake
    (TRUMPF Trubend5230 B03)
    Press force 2300KN Length of bend 3230mm
  • Welding Robot System
    Welding Robot System (Kobe Steel)
    Loading mass: 2500kg, Right/Left: 4000, Up/Down: 1500, 11axes
  • Machining Center with Five-face Machining Equipment
    Machining Center with Five-face Machining Equipment (Okuma MCR-A5C)
    X4000, Y2550, Z1650

  • Horizontal Boring NC milling
    (Toshiba Machine BTD-110H R-161)

  • Shot Blast
    (Nicchu H2500×φ3300)(Nicchu H2500×φ2000)

List of Main Production Equipment(as of Jul, 2019)

Equipment Name Maker Model Ability (X× Y× Z) Unit:mm Number
Laser Process Machine TRUMPF TruLaser3030fiber 4kw 3050×1525 (6-Stage Pallet Master) 1
Mitsubishi ML3015eX-45CF-R 4.5kw 3050×1525 1
Machining Center with
Five-face Machining
Okuma MCR-A5C 2550×4000×1650 2
Vertical Machining
OKK VM900 2060×940×820 1
OKK VM76R 1540×760×660 1
OKK VM5Ⅲ 1020×510×510 1
OKK VM43R 630×430×460 1
Hitachi Seiki 1050×510×500 1
Horizontal Machining
OKK HM1000S 1400×1100×1000 1
OKK HM100S 1400×1100×1000 1
OKK HM6000S 800×750×880 1
OKK HM600 800×750×880 1
NC Lathes Hitachi Seiki TF25 φ350 1
Horizontal Boring NC
Toshiba Machine BTD-110H R-161 2000×1500×1450 1
Boring Machine Toshiba Machine 1000×800×500 1
Radial Drilling Machine Ikeda, Wakayama L1300、L1500 2
Press Brake TRUMPF TruBend5230(B03) 230t L4000 1
Amada HDS-1703-NT-model, and others 170t L3000, others 1
Amada, Nisshinbo 170t L3000 2
Press, Univan Aida Engineering 80t、60t、35t 4
Pipe Bender Taiyo DR-1HA, GM35 Round pipe, and others (depends on the model) 2
Welding Robot System Kobelco (with positioner) Work 3t Right/Left 5000 Up/Bottom 1500 11axes 1
Work 1.5t Right/Left 3000 Up/Bottom 1000 10axes 1
Work 1.5t Right/Left 3000 9axes 2
Work 500kg 8axes 6
Panasonic Reach 1800 6axes 3
FANUC Reach 1600 6axes 1
Lifting-type Cantilever 3
axis Positioner
Line Works NSK2000L Work 2t 1
Line Works NSK1000L Work 1t 1
Amada CWT-1000 Work 1t 1
Welding Positioner Matsumoto Kikai For round objects 2
CO2 Welding Machine Panasonic, Daihen 350A、500A 50
TIG Welding Machine Panasonic 3
Ark Welding Machine Hitachi, Panasonic 4
Spot Welding Machine Nastoa SLP-35B5 1
Automatic Sawing
Press Machine Osaka Jack, Komatsu 4
Straightening Machine Komatsu 1
Shot Blast Nicchu Work 2.5t φ3300×H2500 1
Nicchu Work 2t φ2000×H2500 1
SINTO KOGIO,LTD Work 2t φ1600×H3200 1
Paint Booth ANEST IWATA, ANDEX Work 2t length up to 5.5m 3
Overhead Traveling
Kito, Nippon Hoist, IHI 4.8t-1engine, 2.8t-4engines, 2t-14engines, 1t-7engines 26
Jib Crane, Light crane Kito, Nippon Hoist 2t-1engine, 500kg-3engines, 250kg-9engines, 100kg-5engines 18
Forklift Komatsu, Nichiyu 4t-1 machine, 2.5t-2 machines, 2t-1machine, 1.5t-1 machines 5
Truck Isuzu, Hino 4t wing-2 trucks, 3t, 2t flat-bed 1 truck each 4
Commercial Car Toyota Hiace, Probox 3
Articulated 3-Dimensional
Tokyo Boeki TS, Kosaka Laboratory Contact/Noncontact 3500×3500×3312 1
CAD/CAM SolidWorks, Auto CAD, Meta CAM, EXCESS-HYBRID, Mitsubishi, Kobe Steel, LTD. 7