Komatsu Seisakusho Co., LTD.

Main business activities:Manufacture of construction machinery, agricultural machinery, heavy machinery, medical and large transport machinery parts.
Manufacture of forms for secondary concrete products.

Consistent system / Equipment / Qualifications

Consistent production from receiving an order to delivery of the goods

Production equipment / techniques to produce high-quality, precise products.


Main production equipment(Unit: mm)

  • Laser Process Machine (TRUMPF TruLaser3030fiber)
    Output: 4KW 3050×1525, Soft steel: up to 25mm(thickness)
  • Bending Machine
    Bending Machine (Amada HDS-1703-NT)
    170t L = 3000 Hybrid drive system
  • Welding Robot System
    Welding Robot System (Kobe Steel)
    Loading mass: 2500kg, Right/Left: 3000, Up/Down: 1500
  • Machining Center with Five-face Machining Equipment
    Machining Center with Five-face Machining Equipment (Okuma MCR-A5C)
    X4000, Y2550, Z1650

  • Horizontal Boring NC milling (OKK HM100S)
    X1100, Y1000, Z1400

  • Shot Blast
    (Nicchu H2500×φ3300)(Nicchu H2500×φ2000)

List of Main Production Equipment(as of August, 2014)

Equipment Name Maker Model Ability (X× Y× Z) Unit:mm Number
Laser Process Machine TRUMPF TruLaser3030fiber 1
Mitsubishi ML3015eX-45CF-R 4.5kw 3050×1525 1
Mitsubishi ML2512-HVP-40CF 4kw 2440×1220 1
Machining Center with Five-face Machining Equipment Okuma MCR-A5C 2550×4000×1650 2
Vertical Machining Center OKK VM900 2060×940×820 1
OKK VM5Ⅲ 1020×510×510 1
OKK MCV630 1250×635×635 1
Hitachi Seiki 1050×510×500 1
Hitachi Seiki 800×420×480 1
Horizontal Machining Center OKK HM100S 1100×1000×1400 1
OKK HM600 780×750×800 1
NC Lathes Hitachi Seiki TF25 φ350 1
Boring Machine Toshiba Machine 1000×800×500 1
Radial Drilling Machine Ikeda, Wakayama L1300、L1500 2
Press Brake Amada HDS-1703-NT-model, and others 170t L3000, others 3
Press, Univan Aida Engineering 80t、60t、35t 4
Pipe Bender Taiyo DR-1HA, GM35 Round pipe, and others (depends on the model) 2
Welding Robot System Kobelco (with positioner) Work 2.5t Right/Left 3000 Up/Bottom 1500 11axes 1
Work 1.5t Right/Left 3000 Up/Bottom 1000 10axes 1
Work 1.5t Right/Left 2480 9axes 1
Work 500kg 8axes 6
Panasonic Reach 1800 6axes 2
Daihen Reach 1800 6axes 1
FANUC Reach 1600 6axes 1
Lifting-type Cantilever 3 axis Positioner Line Works NSK2000L Work 2t 1
Amada CWT-1000 Work 1t 1
Positioner Matsumoto Kikai EX-1P Work 1t 1
Welding Positioner Matsumoto Kikai For round objects 2
CO2 Welding Machine Panasonic, Daihen 350A、500A 46
TIG Welding Machine Panasonic 3
Ark Welding Machine Hitachi, Panasonic 4
Spot Welding Machine Nastoa SLP-35B5 1
Automatic Sawing Machine AMADA 1
Press Machine Osaka Jack, Komatsu 4
Straightening Machine Komatsu 1
Shot Blast Nicchu Work 2ton φ3300×H2500 1
Nicchu Work 2t φ2000×H2500 1
SINTO KOGIO,LTD Work 2t φ1600×H3200 1
Paint Booth ANEST IWATA, ANDEX Work 2ton length up to 5.5m 3
Overhead Traveli ng Crane Kito, Nippon Hoist, IHI 4.8t-1engine, 2.8t-3engines, 2t-15engines, 1t-6engines 27
Jib Crane, Light crane Kito, Nippon Hoist 2t-1engine, 500kg-3engines, 240kg-5engines, 100kg-5engines 14
Forklift Toyota, Komatsu, Nichiyu 4t-1 machine, 2t-3 machines 1.5t-1 machine 6
Truck Isuzu, Hino 4t wing-2 trucks, 2t flat-bed 1 truck 3
CAD/CAM SolidWorks, EXCESS-HYBRID, Mitsubishi, Kobe Steel LTD. For MC, laser, welding robot 8